Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Remembering Maurice Sendak

Maurice Sendak passed away this morning. This is a great loss to children's literature, art, and creativity.

I did not have any Maurice Sendak books when I was growing up, but I do remember watching "Really Rosie" on television.
I was introduced to the books, particularly In the Night Kitchen, by the professor of a children's literature class I took, shortly before my oldest daughter was born. His books were frequent bedtime stories for all three of my children, which means that I have read some of them repeatedly for almost 23 years. The following five videos are the five Maurice Sendak books that I have read so many times, that I can probably recite them by heart.

The sound level on this one is very low and must be turned up:

Good-bye Mr. Sendak. You have enriched our lives and you will be missed.

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