Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Good-Bye Post to Trilogy School

Eight and a half years ago, my son and I moved to Gainesville, because my boyfriend wanted to work on his PHD at the University of Florida. I didn't know what to expect here and Florida took some getting used to. I really wasn't sure I wanted to stay. I'm a Midwestern girl and we didn't have fire ants, banana spiders, and giant flying cockroaches where I grew up. Having a good job can make all the difference when trying to fit into a new place and my first job in Gainesville was not a good fit for me.

Then I answered an ad for a teacher's aid position at Trilogy, a small private school in a little house with a white picket fence out front. I went for an interview with the younger elementary teacher, Kristen, and one of the principles,Terry, but I didn't have any childcare for my two year old son, so he had to come with me. The two women were completely unflustered, as we conducted our entire discussion while following my son from computer to computer all over the building. Afterwards, I was told that the flexibility I showed during that very active interview contributed greatly to me getting the job.

Starting work at Trilogy really changed my opinion of Gainesville. Once I was doing something I enjoyed, I was able to come to love this community.

During the eight years that I have worked at Trilogy, I have had many different jobs, teacher's aid for younger elementary, older elementary, and middle school, tutor, substitute, language arts teacher, history teacher, and keeper of the elementary blog. The consistent thing throughout all those positions, was that I enjoyed working with the Trilogy staff and children. It's a small school, even though it has grown out of that little house with the white picket fence. We really are all family.

I just found out a few days ago, that my husband has been offered a job in Tallahassee. Although he's not quite done with his PHD dissertation, he's very close, and that is something he can do while working. His new job will begin July 23, so I will not be returning to Trilogy in the fall.

I went through my photographs and put together a little good-bye slide show. I'm sorry it's a little light on older pictures. I didn't have a digital camera back then.

Please enjoy this and thank you all for being part of our lives.

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