Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Time in Tampa

I'm now going to jump back in time a few days, because I never had a chance before to post pictures from the rest of our mini-vacation this past weekend.

After the train ride in Tavares on Saturday, we spent the night in a hotel in Clearwater.

Tired child having snacks and watching The Wizard of Oz:
 photo DSC_0143.jpg

Sunday, we had the perfect Christmasy day in Tampa!

We started off with the Henry B. Plant Museum's Victorian Christmas Stroll.

 photo DSC_0343.jpg

 photo DSC_0167.jpg

 photo DSC_0215.jpg

 photo DSC_0173.jpg

The museum is the ideal place to take holiday pictures.

 photo DSC_0212.jpg

 photo DSC_0222.jpg

 photo DSC_0207.jpg

To make the stroll through the museum more fun, there was a scavenger hunt for pictures of Henry B. Plant.

 photo DSC_0193.jpg

 photo DSC_0195.jpg

After the tour, there was hot cider and cookies on the veranda.

 photo DSC_0237.jpg

We then walked a few blocks to the Tampa Theater, a real old time movie palace, to watch It's a Wonderful Life.

On the way to the Theater, we wandered through a small farmers market, where a jazz band played Christmas carols, while children had their pictures taken with Santa Claus.

 photo DSC_0272.jpg

 photo DSC_0280.jpg

 photo DSC_0331.jpg

 photo DSC_0285.jpg

 photo DSC_0291.jpg

Before the movie started, the amazing Wurlitzer rose from a hole in the stage floor and began to play Christmas carols.

 photo DSC_0306.jpg

After about 15 minutes, the instrument sank partway down and the audience sang along with lyrics projected on the screen. 

 photo DSC_0316.jpg

 photo DSC_0320.jpg

 photo DSC_0324.jpg

 photo DSC_0325.jpg

 photo DSC_0328.jpg

 photo DSC_0330.jpg

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