Monday, December 9, 2013

Homemade Window Clings

Several days ago, I posted a tutorial on the Steampunk Christmas Facebook page about making window clings for the holidays, using puffy fabric paint and waxed paper. A friend said she had done that same project with a group of Girl Scouts once, but that they had had a terrible time getting the designs to peel off of the waxed paper. She thought maybe parchment paper would work better, but had never tried it. I had both parchment paper and several colors of fabric paint, so I tried it.

It is easy to see and trace designs through the parchment paper.

 photo DSC_0006-5.jpg

The designs, also, peel off of the paper without tearing fairly well. Only one of the gears I made tore when being removed from the paper.

The only problem I had with the parchment paper was that it wrinkled when wet, giving the clings a more textured, rippled look when finished.

 photo DSC_0014-4.jpg

After the paint had dried overnight and the clings had been peeled from the paper, they were dampened a little on the side that faced the paper and stuck to the window. They have been stuck to the window for over a week now with no trouble.

 photo DSC_0008-2.jpg

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