Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Corner View: Favorite Hang Out

This week's topic for Corner View is "Favorite Hang out". At first I didn't think there was anything I could post. I don't have a special restaurant or coffee shop where I go to hang out with friends, but then I realized I do have a favorite hang out, it's just a bit unusual to think of it that way. Once a week I spend two hours sitting in the waiting room at Shands Rehab for Kids , talking to other parents and grandparents while our children are in therapy. It's a great chance for people with special needs children to talk about our kids, learn from each other, and vent about schools, work, and family. The waiting room is like therapy for the parents. Until just recently, I had been spending about 5 hours every week in that waiting room ( Blaze's speech therapist recently left and he is on a waiting list for a new one), so that really is my hang out. When I'm not talking, which isn't often, I also sit there and read or hand-sew.

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Guusje said...

beautiful post!

Daan said...

that's special!

likeschocolate said...

What a lovely mural on the wall! I am so glad that your son is able to get the treatment he needs.

la ninja said...

everyone has a favourite "hang-out". it doesn't need to be fancy. mine's my sofa, go figure. boooooooring.

lovely post :)

jane said...

it´s nice to have a place where you can connect with others. beautiful post lisa.

Crafty Crow