Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Corner View : Animals

Florida's most celebrated animal resident at the moment, has got to be the Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay. No one knows where the monkey came from, but it has been loose in the Tampa Bay area for over a year. It has learned very well how to live in an urban environment. Some people claim they have even seen it looking both ways before crossing the street.

There is a Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay Facebook page, of which I am one of the almost 77,000 fans:

Newspapers and Television News shows around the world have carried this story:

According to the map on this website, we were not very far from the Northern areas where the monkey has been sighted, when we were on our last camping trip: special report

The late night comedians have been having fun with this monkey business, too.

Jimmy Kimmel- Unstoppable Monkey:

Stephen Colbert talks about the "Monkey on the Lam"

He's even inspired a song:

Go monkey! Go!


Joyce said...

This is a hoot! Thanks for sharing. xo

Tammy said...

Monkey Watch 2010...hee hee hee!

Since he poses no threats to humans, I kinda hope they don't catch him.

I've not heard this story clear over here in Idaho, so please do keep us posted on how it turns out, ok?

Lisa notes... said...

This is great. I've not heard of the Mystery Monkey, but I'll be on the lookout for him!

Cate said...

hilarious! who knew?!?!?

my mom once read an article about the monkeys in (i think) taiwan who would come into people's apartments and steal their beer. so if anything goes missing, you can blame it on the mystery monkey instead of the fairies.

Francesca said...

I was half expecting crocodiles, but the mystery monkey is, well, very different:)!

likeschocolate said...

Yeah for the monkey! I hope he enjoys his freedom.

C.T. said...

Monkey Watch 2010?? Facebook fanpage?? Next time you'll see him in an add -LOL-

Theresa said...

How fun!

Crafty Crow