Sunday, April 25, 2010

Outdoors on a Rainy Day


Not all the long ago, Blaze and I watched the "Bill Nye the Science Guy" episode about wetlands. It had some wonderful demonstrations of how wetlands can stop flooding because the plants and wet, spongy soil slows down and absorbs water. Today we got to see some real life flooding and erosion, due to lack of plant life. The men working on the renovation of our apartment complex, removed the big, lovely tree that once stood on this hill. Then they dug up the whole hillside. When they filled in the trenches they'd made, they gave no thought, what so ever, to top soil. So, today we had heavy rains and this was what our sidewalk looked like.


When the rain let up, Blaze went out to play and I spent quite awhile working in the garden.



The soil in our garden is so sandy, that even after all that rain, the dirt under the weeds I was pulling, was still dry.

This is a short segment about quicksand from that Wetlands video we watched:

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Tammy said...

I wonder if the property owner will plant a new tree or two in that same spot. I hope so...

Crafty Crow