Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Fake Fur Stole

I was making good use of my inability to sleep again last night. I sewed a quick and easy stole to go with my costume.

Furry fabric was on-sale at Jo-Ann Fabrics, 40% off, so two yards of this fabric was only $6 and some change. If you'd like, you can line a stole with a contrasting color or texture of fabric (silk or satin are popular lining fabrics), but since I had enough fake fur, I used that for the lining and the outer layer.

Working on the wrong-side of the fabric, the measurements can be drawn directly onto the cloth, so there is no need for a pattern. Place your arms straight down at your side and measure around your body, starting just under your shoulders. This will be the length of the stole. Measure from the top of your shoulder to the bend of your elbow. This will be the width of the stole. After marking out the measurements on the cloth, curved corners can be added by tracing around a bowl or plate. Cut two pieces of fabric this same size and place them right-sides together.


Cut two two-foot long pieces of ribbon to be the ties. Place the ribbons, one on each end of the stole, where the upper curved edge meets the end of the stole. Pin the ribbon in place inside the two pieces of fabric, so that only a tiny edge of the ribbon shows. Starting at the middle of the top edge, sew the two pieces of fabric together. Sew all the way around the perimeter of the cloth until you are 4-6 inches from where you began. Leave that area unsewn, so that the stole can be turned right-side out.

When the stole has been turned right-side out, hand-stitch the hole closed.


A "fur" stole does not have to be limited to costumes. This would be a simple, cute idea for an autumn or winter wedding.

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