Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Reading the Annotated Alice


This week, as our bedtime story, we began reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, from The Annotated Alice.


I purchased this copy from "The Collector's Corner" of the Friends of the Library Book Sale a couple years ago, and I'm now very glad I did. Blaze is enjoying the silliness of the story, while I'm learning a lot from the annotations on the side column of each page.

Here is a perfect example of that:
"Bathing machines" had been mentioned in the book Starcross, which we read recently, and I had just imagined that they were beachside dressing rooms on wheels. The Annotated Alice goes into much greater detail on the subject, explaining that they were drawn by horses, down into the water, so as to provide more privacy for the bather. The doors of the bathing machine would be left open after the bather entered the water, to block the view from shore.


Alice Failing:

The Muppets Jabberwocky:

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