Sunday, February 6, 2011

Seeing and Loss of Sight

We have continued learning about eyes.

We read this book:


and then we began learning about what it would be like if we couldn't see. This is a subject of some interest to Blaze, since the eye doctor scared him quite a bit during his last check-up. We have always known that Blaze had scar tissue behind his right eye, that caused a blind spot, but none of the previous eye doctors have ever told him that it was vitally important to keep his left eye safe before. She told him that if anything happened to that left eye, he would be blind. Needless to say, his anxiety level went way up for awhile, and we have had to talk about this a lot.

To begin with, we threw a bean bag back and forth, seeing how well we could catch it. Then we tried playing catch with the bean bag with our eyes closed.


The bean bag made some noise as it flew through the air or hit things, which meant we had some idea of where it was, but were still unable to catch it. We did a little better with throwing, than we did catching (we hit each other several times with the beanbag).

Next, we watched this movie about the life of Louis Braille.

The story of Louis Braille (with captions and descriptions):

The Braille Alphabet:


To make our Braille alphabet have the raised letters it's supposed to have, we put a dot of 3D fabric paint on each dot of the alphabet.


Later this week, we will be watching the story of Helen Keller, before we go on to learning about ears and hearing.

The story of Helen Keller:

A film of the real Helen Keller and her wonderful teacher, Anne Sullivan:

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