Friday, February 25, 2011

Setting a Goal for Myself

I have a long history of starting quilting projects, but taking many years to finish them, if I finish them at all. Two such projects became hopelessly stained before they were done and I gave up in disgust (Blaze left a pen laying on one and the ink leaked out. The other was being stored in the closet and the ceiling developed some kind of leak that left rusty colored stains on the things below the dripping.)

I have decided that I need a new picnic blanket, worthy of the nice picnic basket that I fixed up last year.

The old picnic blanket is one of those projects that took many years to complete. It's a crazy quilt baby quilt that I started when Nika was about a year old, and didn't finish until Blaze was a little over a year old.


We need a blanket that is larger that a baby blanket, and matching the basket would also be a plus.

I have started a crazy quilt blanket using the basket lining fabric and the same fabric I used for the steampunk birthday banners and the crazy quilt Christmas stockings.


To assure that I finish this project in a timely manner, I am giving myself a deadline. The countdown to the first day of Spring that I posted on the sidebar of the blog, is really the countdown to when I want to be finished with this blanket (A countdown to Spring just doesn't have as much meaning in Florida as it does in most of the country. It's 75 degrees right now.)

I better get to work.


Tammy said...

Can't wait to see it!

Sandra said...

Good luck! I am always collecting new projects and rarely finishing the old ones.

Crescent Moon said...

Thanks, I'll need that luck! I just spent an hour sewing and then hated the way it looked and took out all the stitches, so it looks like I did nothing tonight.

Crafty Crow