Monday, March 28, 2011

The Finishing Touches on the Quilt


I spent much of the day yesterday finishing the crazy quilt picnic blanket.
I had finished the quilt top the day before, but had trouble figuring out how I was going to lay the backing fabric flat so that I could pin the top and bottom together ( I may have mentioned in the past that we have a very small apartment). In the end, I ended up taking the quilt outside to pin it. The fabric on the underside of the quilt is padded vinyl. This way, it is easy to clean and water won't seep through if the ground is a little damp.
I added a triangle of vinyl to each corner as a "rock pocket". If the wind is strong, a rock can be placed in each of these pockets to help weigh down the corners of the blanket. I also added a cotton strap to each corner, so that tent stakes can be used to anchor the blanket in place in areas where it is harder to find rocks.



Tammy said...

This is really nice, Crescent Moon. Rock pockets and vinyl backing are great ideas. Nothing like a soggy blanket trying to fly away at a picnic, lol.

Crescent Moon said...


Twisted Cinderella said...

That is lovely! I LOVE it!

Sabrina said...

That is much too beautiful to spill potato salad on! (got here from one pretty thing, btw)

Crescent Moon said...

@Sabrina, thank you! It should be okay. The fabric can be wiped clean, but if it does get a permanent stain, I can always just sew another decorative element over the top of the stain, and no body will be the wiser. That's the advantage of the crazy quilt. ; )


Visiting from Fireflies and Jellybeans. Great idea. Good luck.

Holly said...

I love quilts (even though I do not quilt). Great idea to back this in vinyl and the rock pocjets - great idea!
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