Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blaze's New Pillow Case

Happy 10/10/10

Blaze had his first sewing lesson of this school year, this past week. I had him make a pillow case, because it's such a simple, straight forward project. We didn't use a pattern, we just measured an existing pillow case and added a seam allowance to the measurements.

Blaze chose the fabric he wanted from and I ordered 2 yards, which was enough for one pillow case and for me to use for some scrap-craft projects I'm working on.


He was having some trouble keeping the stitches going in a straight line. I found that it was helpful if I used a pencil to mark the sewing line on the fabric before he started sewing.




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Tammy said...

Way to go Blaze! Kayla's been begging to do some sewing...this looks like a good, easy project for her.

I love the cute little owls, Blaze. :) Kayla loves owls and is also begging for me to take her to that new owl movie, lol.

Crafty Crow