Friday, October 29, 2010

Two Cool Halloween Projects

Today was the Halloween party for the elementary school children at the school where I work. I normally don't work on Fridays, but Blaze was invited to the party. There were two things that I saw at the party that I really thought were outstanding and I wanted to share here.

These are tiny, very juicy, pears with cupcake liners and marshmallows for hats.


This next one, is a homemade General Grievous (Star Wars) costume.

The mom who made it, said she started with a plain mask from the craft store and then put paper mache over it, extending the chin with a wad of aluminum foil which was removed once the paper mache dried.



The kids had a great time at their party. They played Freeze Dance to the song Monster Mash, had a candy corn race ( racing with big spoons full of candy corn to a bowl at the finish line), did the limbo using a toy light saber, ate lots of goodies, and played outside. They probably played more game, but we missed the beginning of the party because Blaze had speech therapy this morning.

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