Saturday, November 7, 2009

Playing with Photographs

I've been playing with photography this morning, because I just found a link to this Japanese website that makes your new photos look like old ones.

Photo Antiquing

This was also partly inspired by my purchase of a khaki colored pith helmet, that was delivered yesterday and sparked a fun session of DH and I playing dress-up and taking pictures of each other.

DH's picture turned out particularly well.



I wasn't happy with the lighting in the original color copy of this picture (taken in the apartment, but without flash), but it looks good as an antiqued picture.



I've also discovered that light colors work best with this process. Light colored clothes show details better and light colored backgrounds show off the subject better.

Everything was too dark in color in this picture and there was too much going on visually.


I was much happier with the results in this simple face shot.



Tammy said...

That is very cool!

Dawn said...

Wow...these pictures look great! What a fun program.

Crafty Crow