Thursday, January 29, 2009

Old Fashion Home Delivery in a High Tech World

I am loving the internet this morning!

My mom, who is 76 years old, recently fell down her basement steps. She believes she has cracked her pelvis, but won't go see a doctor. Luckily this accident happened while Ula was still staying with her and could care for her for a couple days before she had to return to the University, but now my mom is on her own. She hasn't been able to go out shopping, because she has to walk with a walker, due to the injury, and that means she can't carry things.
I called her last night and she said she had run out of milk a couple days ago, but couldn't go get any more and didn't know anyone who could get it for her (my brother-in-law's mom was going to do my mom's shopping for her, but she's been in the hospital with pneumonia). We live so far away from her that I was feeling kind of helpless at first. The good daughter thing to do, would be to fly up there and take care of her until she's better, but we don't have that kind of money right now.
Internet to the rescue!
Moments after I suggested finding a grocery store that still delivers, DH had found a place on-line. He says we're lucky that she lives near one of the largest cities in the country, Chicago, because only a place that big could support a business that does nothing but on-line home-delivered grocery orders.
If you are in the Chicago area and need this service the link is here:

There was a $50.00 minimum order, but there was also a $10 off coupon for first time buyers. The prices were very reasonable, as well. The milk was cheaper than it is in our local grocery store.

We have to wait until tomorrow for the food to be delivered, but it is such a weight off my mind to know that she will be o.k.

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