Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winter Has Come to Florida


Oh, baby it's cold outside!

O.K., maybe not cold compared to other parts of the country right now, but certainly cold for Florida. It was down to 27 degrees last night and is supposed to be lower for the next three nights, so I went out and harvested what I could from the garden yesterday afternoon, before it could freeze, and made a nice big pot of vegetable soup last night.

Blaze won't eat soup, so he had a big plate of raw vegetables, baby carrots and snow peas served with onion dip, and his new favorite food, peanut butter rolled up in cabbage leaves.

I think the cabbages that are still out in the garden will be fine with this cold weather, but I really don't know about the rest. I'll just have to wait until this cold spell passes and see.

I talked to my mom and Ula (who is still staying with her Grandmother until Sunday, when she heads back to college) on the phone last night and they have it so much worse right now. They're near Chicago and have had tons of snow dumped on them and temperatures in the negative numbers. They used to call cold windy weather like they're having an "Alberta Clipper", but Mother says they've got a new name for this one, it's a "Saskatchewan Screamer".

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