Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Corner View: Shopping

Corner View is a special weekly feature hosted by Spain Daily. It is a chance for people everywhere to show pictures from their corner of the globe, pertaining to a certain theme. This week's theme was shopping.

Since this is a medium size American city, with a major university, there is the ubiquitous large shopping mall and the many little strip-malls, but we managed to avoid all of those this past week.

The Gainesville, Florida Farmers Market, at the Downtown Community Plaza, held every Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.









Eating a guava and walnut filled pastry while listening to a blues band play.


We went to the farmers market to buy healthy vegetables, but ended up eating so much dessert that we weren't hungry for any real dinner.

As we were walking back to the car with our basket full of plant seedlings and produce, the hot sun was beating down on us. We walked past the Gelato shop. We had never been there before, and this dark chocolate gelato was calling to us from the air conditioned comfort of the shop, so we had to stop.


We came home with 6 Garbanzo bean plants, 4 watermelon plants, a quart of milk, a quart of drinkable yogurt, and this basket of produce:



Most of the shopping I did this past week was either food, or plants that grow food. One of the few exceptions, was a hat to wear while gardening. I sunburn very easily and needed the hat to keep the sun off my face (DH says all you have to do is show me a picture of the sun and I burn).


Even the hat was purchased from a grocery store, though. DH bought it for me when we went to Wards Supermarket.



isabelle said...

I wish I could be there ....

jane said...

I agree- It looks like the best afternoon plan! I love the hat!

Anonymous said...

I like a market with a band playing! Also in my case food shopping seems to be the only shopping I do:(

Bonnie said...

oh how i love markets !! this one looks fabulous !! those blueberries ! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ! i love fresh blueberries !!

sounds like you came back with a bunch of great stuff too ! you should have plenty of garbanzo beans and watermelons soon ...

are garbanzo beans easy to grow ? what sort of climate do they like ?

Anonymous said...

i love that basket with the purple you ever make key lime pie?

Ritva said...

great hat!
and the blueberries,
lucky you!

Crescent Moon said...

I really like key lime pie and I have made it, but it's been awhile.
I saw a recipe the other day for key lime pound cake and I think I want to try making that.

Dawn said...

I love your new hat! And you have just made me hungry. :) I can't wait until the farmer's market opens again in my won't be long.

Jeannette said...

That must be the coolest farmer market ever....with a band playing!
I would be there all day...eating all the blueberries! ;)

Kari said...

What a wonderful looking market. You took some great photo's. Thanks for sahring.

caitlin said...

I'll take one of those peanut butter cookies, the gelato and some blueberries. Thanks for taking me on this yummy journey!

Tammy said...

Our farmers' market is open on Saturdays, and I just love going there. Last year I was able to buy huckleberries, and I did a happy dance right there, lol!

I, too, have to wear a hat outdoors because I sunburn so easily.

malo said...

How great this looks! The bread and the icecream mmm...

The Girl in the Yellow Shoes said...

It all looks delicious!

MODsquad said...

Oh, I could spend the whole day there!! Oh, and key limes!! My favorite citrus!

denise said...

Oh, when I lived in Gainesville I used to visit the market too! Well, I think when I lived in Melrose I went a little more often...a good excuse to get into town! :)

Joyce said...

What a perfect day to shop with you my friend!
The nursery is about 40 minutes from your mom's home. If you click on "Hawthorn Gardens" it will bring you to their webpage from my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Have a golden day! xoxo

Joanne Gover Yoshida said...

I love your hat,
I wish I could order one like it through your post!
Cheers to happy healthy shopping days.

trinsch said...

those blueberries... wow! i love blueberries, but they areone of the few expensive things here in israel. and the basket! what a beautiful basket. i want to do my shopping with a basket like that too :)

Crescent Moon said...

I wish I could have photographed the inside of Wards grocery store, because that's where the basket came from, as well as the hat. The baskets and hats that are for sale hang from the rafters near the front of the store. It makes the store look much more colorful than the larger supermarkets.
The basket and hat are both African made and there is a sign hanging from those same store rafters, that explains "fair trade".

Anonymous said...

what a huge market. i love the bread and veggie photos! both weaknesses for me. especially bread!

Cate said...

$2 for key limes?!?! you're killing me. here we pay about $15 for the same at dean and deluca...or would have to pay, i should say since i've never actually purchased them.

and love your market basket-so great.

Crafty Crow