Saturday, May 2, 2009

Preserving Memories

For a year I had a blog on Homeschool Blogger. Although I stopped posting on that blog when I began this one last Fall, there was some content that I wanted to save, such as the craft projects that I have transferred to this blog.

One thing I had been doing on my previous blog, was a weekly feature I had titled "Monday Memories".

In the early 90's, when my daughters were very little, we had lived a much more adventurous lifestyle. During that time I kept a journal in a series of notebooks and blank books.
So, about a year and a half ago, Ula asked if I could make copies of those old journal entries for her, and thus, Monday Memories was born. I would type out the journal entry and post it on my blog each Monday, and then Ula, who was already away at college,would practice her calligraphy, by writing out each entry as a keepsake for herself.

I now have most of the Monday Memories posts transferred to a new blog that I am going to keep only for family history, not current events.

If you are bored and wish to read the adventures of the young and the stupid (this refers to my ex-husband and me, not to the children), my newest blog can be found here:

Five Miles in the Snow, Up Hill, Both Ways

Because the journal entries have been posted in chronological order, they will only really make sense if you begin reading with the oldest post and work your way forward in time. The first post is actually about finding out I was pregnant with my first child back in 1989, but after a few posts about baby Ula, the entries focus on 1992, which are actually Ula's earliest memories.

I am no longer posting these journal entries every Monday, because that became too much of a chore, along with everything else I have to do on Mondays, so the new posts have been rather sporadic. We'll see what happens after school is out for the summer.

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