Saturday, May 2, 2009

A great deal for teachers and homeschoolers

Learning A-Z is having their annual Teachers Appreciation Week. Each day for a week they will open one of their teachers' resource pages up for free use. There are a lot of good teaching and assessment materials on these sites. I am a particular fan of the Reading A-Z downloadable books and the Reading-Tutor assessment pages.
I need to go buy some ink for the printer before Monday!

This is our student-centered website, where kids can listen to and independently read books online, take a quiz to test their progress, and more.

This flagship website is filled with thousands of printable and projectable resources, including books, activity sheets, and assessments to help you differentiate reading instruction.

Our vast collection of science resources is organized by unit themes and categorized by grade-level groupings for teaching elementary science. Includes multilevel books, activity sheets, process activities, and more.

A website dedicated to giving teachers all the resources necessary to teach basic and process writing skills.

A website with a word bank of more than 8,000 words placed in content-area, functional, and resource-correlated categories. Teachers can build vocabulary lessons that provide rich activities for multiple exposures to words that then lead to word mastery. provides online resource packets for use by those who do one-on-one tutoring of kids. Packets cover key reading skill areas, from phonics to comprehension.
 You need to register at the following website to be part of this:

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