Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Corner View: The Great Outdoors

This week's theme on Corner View was photos of "The Great Out Doors", so I took a picture of The Great Outdoors:


Actually, we were driving to Poe Springs to go swimming, when we passed the sign for the new restaurant, in the quaint little town of High Springs. I had to stop and get a picture.

Most outdoor recreation in Florida involves water in some form.
We are located about a two hour drive from the Golf of Mexico to the West, and the Atlantic Ocean to the East, but here in the middle we have creeks, swamps,rivers, lakes, ponds, and lots of big freshwater springs that make great natural swimming holes.

Poe Springs is one of the many springs that feed the Santa Fe River.


There is a deep water area, but most of the swimming area is shallow and so clear that you can see the sandy bottom and tiny fish as if you were looking through glass.


The Santa Fe River is great for real canoeing, but the spring is great for Blaze and his little inflatable canoe.

We went to Poe Springs on Friday and there were so few people that there were times we had the whole swimming area to ourselves.



Cypress knees near the spring

The spring water running into the river:

The Santa Fe River


the banks of the Santa Fe


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Joyce said...

How lucky to come across the restaurant, very cute. I love hole crystal clear the water is!! I could almost feel the coolness. Very cute post! xoxo

MisterE said...

The great outdoors if there every was. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

the pictures of that water make me want to jump through the computer! It looks so beautiful.

april said...

i would like to eat in that restaurant. i like your photos a lot. looks like far away. looks somehow a bit like in the film: fried green tomatoes. thankyou*

Ian said...

Don't you get alligators swimming with you there?

Ritva said...

thank you for sharing!

Crescent Moon said...

Surprisingly, I have never seen any alligators in the springs, but they certainly are in the river. When we went canoeing once, there was a large alligator swimming along next to our canoe for a short time.

jane said...

You do live in a beautiful part of the country! Thanks for these! Un beso-Jane

Lisa said...

what a beautiful place to have to yorselves. i love the curls on that cute littl boy of yours. he's a doll.

Kari said...

what clear water - beautiful!
thanks for sharing.

The Girl in the Yellow Shoes said...

That looks delightful! I love the water, would love to try the restaurant and I think that little canoe is my favorite thing ever! Where can I get one for my little girl?? (Although it will be a few years before she can use it...)

caitlin said...

That canoe picture cracks me up. It looks so fun. I have always wanted to visit a swamp. They just seem so cool and old timey. Thanks for a great corner!

Anonymous said...

Your first photo is my kind of outdoors right now: it's dinner time over here!

Tammy said...

Totally unrelated to your post, but I have to tell you...our library got The Graveyard Book in and also Coraline. We have both on hold. Happy dance! :)

denise said...

Great spots! One of my favorite places to tube there was down the Ichituknee River. SO chilly and clear on a hot day!

Devon said...
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Samantha S said...

The river looks amazing.

Jeannette said...

Wowwowow....that looks like the perfect holiday.
I was wishing I could be there till I read your reply on Ian´s question about alligators!
In case you didn´t know.....I´m the biggest coward and a real citygirl...I think I would faint or scream till my lungs explode if I would see a large alligator in the eyes.

MODsquad said...

What fun photos! Love the one of your little guy in the kayak! Happy Day to you all!

skymring said...

that's a cool tattoo your d.h. has there :)

Crescent Moon said...


tubing on the Ichetucknee is fun and we had talked about doing that for this post, but they don't allow tubing until the weekend before Memorial Day.


Yeah, he has several cool tatoos. One arm has Star Wars symbols with abstract designs in-between. The other arm has Mayan designs based on photos he took while working in Mexico.
His newest tatoo is on his ankle. He got it to celebrate being accepted into the PHD program at the university. It's the Goblet of Fire from Harry Potter, because he says it represents an unlikely candidate.

Anonymous said...

Haha, that sign was funny. And your little vid was soooooooo relaxing, thx!

Bonnie said...

Love the water video !! What a great place to swim !! I do love swimming holes !!

Crescent Moon said...

I actually found out why there are no alligators in the springs. The water is too cold for them. The water coming out of the spring is cold even on the hottest day of summer and alligators prefer warm water, so they stick to the rivers and lakes.

Crafty Crow