Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Corner View: Coffee

The rest of the apartment is sleeping as I begin my day, drinking my coffee and staring into the computer screen. I frequently do not get enough sleep and this is when I work on my blog entries, so if they are ever (or always) incoherent, this is my excuse.


The coffee is essential to my existence. I take it with milk and sugar or milk and hazelnut syrup, although lately I've started putting a scoop of vanilla ice cream in my coffee because I figure that covers the sweetener and the cream and is quicker than doing them separately. There are many mornings when coffee is my only breakfast.

Starting to wake up. The cup is almost empty and I am awake enough to play with the special effects on the web cam.


For Mother's Day, DH gave me a shiny new coffee maker with a built in  grinder, so there's not a lot of motivation to go out for coffee, but once in a while I still do.


When we were in St. Augustine over the weekend, we went to Crucial Coffee.



Crucial Coffee is in a very charmingly rustic building near St. George Street, the main Old Town shopping district. There is only one table inside, but there is a very nice garden seating area outside.


The vast selection of coffee drinks on the menu will make your head spin. DH and I both ordered a frozen mocha, since it was very hot outside, but then we were presented with a long list a types of frozen mochas we could choose from. There weren't many other customers, so the woman behind the counter wanted more of a challenge and encouraged us to be more adventurous.


I finally settled on a Blackforest Mocha (cherry and chocolate), but DH stuck to just chocolate.


The walk-up window on the other side of Crucial Coffee, for people on-the-go.

My oldest daughter has become quite a coffee connoisseur (addict) while she's been away at school, but she is spending the summer at my mother's house, and my mother doesn't drink coffee.  I have started assembling a coffee gift basket to send her for her 20th birthday in June. 


Finally, if you are a fan of letterboxing, there is a letterbox hidden in one of our small locally owned coffee shops here in Gainesville. Check here for details:
Coffee Culture

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MODsquad said...

Oh, that little shop looks so great!! I'd love a visit there!

Happy Day!


Anonymous said...

I fear my tiny espresso cups would look kind of plain next to your mochas!

Ritva said...

thanks for the tour!
have a nice day and a good cup of coffee!

Jeannette said...

I come with you Lisa....I would love to go to Crucial Coffee.
What a wonderful post!
Have a great day, Jeannette

Ian said...

Great post. Your coffee maker looks fantastic.

state of bliss said...

Oh, I love your new coffee machine, it looks so fancy... Great post and lovely photos.
Hope you're having a great day,

Dawn said...

That was a fun post to read. I start and end every day with coffee.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful pics!

caitlin said...

Oh wow! That coffee looks very decadent. I like the idea of ice cream in the coffee. If it were up to me though I would just combine it all and eat mocha ice cream!

Joyce said...

This little shop looks so cute. thanks for the cup of coffee in your new coffee maker. enjoy...xoxo

nicola said...

oh, fabulous photos. i love crucial cafe and the fuzzy one of you!

Melissa said...

what a lovely coffee maker! I just stumbled upon your blog (while drinking coffee, no less) and it seems quite charming. I look forward to reading more, but alas I have to get to work.


Crafty Crow