Friday, May 8, 2009

Taking a Couple Days Off

I've been pretty good lately about posting a new blog entry each day, but I'm going to be taking this weekend off. DH is leaving for Summer archeology field school at Kingsley Plantation on Sunday, so we're only going to see him on the weekends for the next several weeks. Before he leaves, we want to spend as much time together as possible, plus there is work to do to get him ready.

Wednesday, I finally got around to ordering a Mothers Day gift for my mom. Thank goodness for on-line shopping!
I spent quite awhile staring at flower arrangements and boxes of candy, but none of them seemed quite right for my mom. I finally decided on a gift basket of Florida oranges. They seemed more useful and more like they came from me.


I hope everyone has a fabulous Mothers Day!

The Southern Magnolias are in bloom.


Tammy said...

You have a lovely Mother's Day, too!!! :)

jane said...

Have a great Mother´s Day! The magnolia shot is gorgeous!

Crafty Crow