Sunday, May 10, 2009

Separation Anxiety

DH left this morning for Fort George Island and we won't see him again until Blaze and I drive up there Friday night.
He also took my camera with him. He's using the camera to record his field notes, so he had my blessings when he took it, but that means I can't take any new pictures for a week unless I hold things up to the built-in camera on the computer or scan things.

I can feel the onset of camera withdrawal already.

Does a week truly exist if it is not subject to my constant photo-documentation?

I still have some good pictures from last year, before I started this blog. I may use some of those to fill-in the days until my husband, camera, and I are reunited. Wednesday's post will still be new, because I took those pictures last Friday.

So, on that note, I will end this post with the last picture I took before the camera was packed into a waterproof box and carried away.

My new toy!


DH also took the old coffee maker to the Plantation, so he bought me this nice new one for Mother's Day.



Dawn said...

Oh yes, I feel your pain. ;) I would miss my camera, and my husband of course, if they were gone for a whole week.
Enjoy that new coffee maker...what a great Mother's Day present!

Tammy said...

LOL on the camera. When my girls take my camera, I worry about it and miss it...sometimes more than the girls. That sounds really bad, but...well you know what I mean. You seem to take as many pictures as me. Hard to stop, especially for a week. :)

Crafty Crow