Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Corner View: September

After taking a little Summer break, Corner View is back. : )

Corner View gives people all over the world a chance to share what is unique about their corner of the globe. It is hosted by Jane at Spain Daily every Wednesday. This week's theme is "September".


There are two things that are very unique to September in my corner of the world, lovebugs, and the start of the college football season.

Lovebugs seem to be less common this year than they have been in past years, so I was unable to take a picture of them, but here is a link to a short article that explains what they are and how to deal with them.

Lovebugs in Florida

This past Saturday was the second game of the season for the Florida Gators football team, so I took a little walk around the University of Florida Campus Saturday morning, so I could show you the typical pre-game excitement.


Tailgate parties begin several hours before any game ( even when the game is at 12:30p.m., like it was on Sat.) and most of the tailgaters have one of these beanbag toss games, known as "cornhole".



Gators fans take their team support to lengths I have not seen in other college towns I have lived in.


There may not be many leaves changing color yet, but the people seem to be:


A sea of orange and blue:





Even the city busses were showing their team spirit:

The real gators were in attendance and feeling competitive, as well.

This poor guy has a leg missing


I have been asked in the past on this blog, if I'm not afraid of the alligators in the lake right across the road from our apartment. Normally I answer that I'm not, because they aren't very big (most are about 3 feet long from the tip of their noses to the tip of their tails) and I don't stand that close to them ( I use "zoom" when photographing them), but this time I was scared, because I was only about 2 yards from the one entering the water.

P.S. If you were wondering who won Saturday's football game between the Florida Gators and the Trojans of Troy, Alabama, the Gators won, 56 to 6.


Daan said...

O brrr those gators!
For a Dutch girl like me, the idea of aligators in front of your appartment is already scarry enough.

Love the colours, Yeah for Orange and Blue!

Welcome Back, Yeah for CornerView!

Anonymous said...

You have some interesting neighbors, I know I'd be scared of them!

Bonnie said...

ok ... i think you are the bravest person on the planet ... i cannot believe you video'd those gators !! wow !!! i'm stunned and amazing and horrified and impressed !!

ps ... i like your header. that's pretty darn creative !

Joyce said...

Love tailgating parties! EEKS gators are another thing. smile.... xoxo

Kari said...

Oh I love how they really get into the game. Love the Spirit!!
Happy September!!

jane said...

holy alligator! please stop filming them lisa... hey hope you have a great season! besos! p.s. i´m a little afraid to go to the link about love bugs...

Sophie said...

You're really brave! I like your coloured pictures! Happy September!


Cherry B said...
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Cherry B said...

How wonderful! I love tailgating, and I'm also an LSU alumn so I have to cheer for the tigers!

Elizabeth said...

We have a family home in Hilton Head and see those gators all the time, too. People freak out when they visit because we're so casual about them. Thanks for the fun corner view!

likeschocolate said...

Great photos, but we are Georgia Tech fans!

Ritva said... i glad i live up, up, up north!
can you see me running....
great post and a wide world!

Cabrizette said...

Ok... blue and orange !!! or orange and blue ?? ; )

la ninja said...

bloody 'ell, I'd be scared ****less!
go gators (the other ones, the orange-blue ones, that is!)

Tammy said...

Holy crimony. LOL

See, this is why I don't live in Florida. Those alligators would have me running for Idaho really fast! :)

I can't wait to show these photos and the video to Kayla.

Crafty Crow