Thursday, September 10, 2009

Feeling Spacey

No one is feeling that well today. DH and I started getting sick almost as soon as we returned from our weekend trip, but it didn't hit Blaze until today. Now, his nose is running non-stop and I kept him home from therapy today (he was supposed to be in the pool for physical therapy today).
It's not so bad that we're confined to bed or anything, we are just all sneezing and don't feel like eating. It's also making our heads feel cloudy. DH keeps repeating that he "has the stupid".

As long as we are on the subject of feeling spacey, I'll show you what I did to our old computer bag this week.

We have Dell computer bag, because we picked it up from the free pile in our apartment complex's laundry room, but we have an Mac laptop.


DH didn't like the Dell symbol on the bag, so he came up with this idea while we were at the Space Center and I sewed the patch onto the bag.


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likeschocolate said...

It is the same here at my house!

Crafty Crow