Saturday, September 5, 2009

Escaping for a Long Weekend


I did say I liked mountains. Now we have a whole mini-mountain range right outside our apartment.

Twice this past week we were without internet. Once was for more than 24 hours, because the workmen had cut through the buried lines again. The second time was yesterday, because Cox Cable had men out here in two "cherry pickers", moving the cable , so it is no longer buried, but strung in the air between our building and the one just up hill from ours.

The constant noise of construction has been nerve wracking and has made everyone feel more stressed, so we are getting out of here for the long Labor Day weekend. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Off to make sure the sunscreen is packed...


Tammy said...

Oh good, you are getting out of there for a while! I think the stress of what is going on at your home would make me crazy. I surely hope they will get it finished, it seems to have been going on a long time. What is their projected date to be done with the construction?

jane said...

have a great time lisa! besos!

Crafty Crow