Thursday, February 5, 2009

Molding Hard-Boiled Eggs

When I purchased these ice cream sandwich molds, I had more than just ice cream in mind ( I can't imagine making enough ice cream sandwiches to justify having a special devise for making them). They will work fine as cookie cutters and rice molds, but what I really wanted to try was molding hard cooked eggs, like I had seen on the Lunchinabox blog.

I found two different sets on clearance. Macy's had a set from their Martha Stewart collection that had a heart, a star, and one that's sort of circular. William-Sonoma had a set of cowboy themed molds.


Both turned out well on my first experiments with molded eggs.


My heart may be slightly broken, but I still think it would make a cute addition to a Valentine breakfast or lunch.



The color on the eggs is from dipping them in a little food coloring mixed with water, after I removed them from the molds.

The more traditional egg molds from Japan are little hinged plastic boxes that remind me of Play Dough molds.
Here is a little video from BentoTV that shows what they look like and how they are used:

Prices vary widely if you are shopping on-line for these molds. One Ebay shop I looked at wanted $9 per mold, but the following company wants only $1.25 per set of 2.


Anonymous said...

I just got Jasmine a laptop lunch box, that was expensive :(, so I am going to need to invest in some of the cute extras.

Crescent Moon said...

You know, Sandra, you may be the one to blame for my bento obsession. I think you were the one who had the link to the Lunch-in-a-box website on their blog. 6 or 7 months later, I have a drawer in my kitchen filled with cookie cutters and little molds. Also, many new clever little storage containers.
Be careful what you're getting your self into. I think it's addictive (DH has suggested a 12 step program and my 17 year old just thinks I'm weird).
For that short time that Blaze was in school this year, he loved showing off his fancy lunches, though (of course his sister thinks he's weird too).

Tammy said...

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love your blog, lol!

I came here from Dawn's at Renaissance Mama.

Crescent Moon said...

Thank you! That's very sweet.

Crafty Crow