Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My first wet felting project

I made a pouch to hold a set of marbles for Blaze.

I started by wrapping a mason jar with wool roving, to get the size and shape I wanted for the bag. DH teased me a little about the "snuggy" I was making for the canning jar.


Then I covered the wool with lots of dish soap and a little hot water. I started working the wool with my fingers and then used Blaze's little washboard. When the wool had started felting, I removed it from the jar and put it on my hand like a mitten, so I could have more control while I continued rubbing it on the washboard.



Next, I turned the pouch inside-out and continued rubbing it against the washboard.


I rolled the pouch up in a towel to get out as much moisture as possible and then let it dry overnight.

In the morning, I punched holes in the felt, and threaded a piece of yarn through, to be a draw string.

By the time Blaze woke up, the marbles were in the bag.

He loved his surprise!



We looked at some pictures of marble mazes on the internet and Blaze spent a couple hours last night building his own marble tracks out of blocks and the wooden train set.


Joy said...

That turned out great! My kids enjoy wet felting wool balls on occasion. Fun stuff!

Katherine said...

Might have to have a go at making one of those too - my little one is always losing marbles!

Crafty Crow