Friday, February 20, 2009

Proud Hunter Necklace Kit

Since we have been reading about Lewis and Clark meeting various Native American tribes and the important roll played by Sacagawea during the expedition, I decided to do some American Indian inspired projects this week. The first one was a necklace kit that I bought at Michael's Craft Store.




Our second project took a lot more time and effort. We spent a couple days making a new pair of moccasins for Blaze, but I'll post more about that on Sunday, since I'm going to use that as this week's "Unplugged Challenge" entry ( this week's topic is clothing).


Tammy said...

I'm guessing your second project was the mocassin kit from Michael's??? We bought one of those kits and found it to be a lot of work...beautiful mocassins but a lot of work!

Crescent Moon said...

No, I did look at those kits recently, but the smallest size was too big for Blaze. We made ours out of scrap leather, sewn together with embroidery floss.

Crafty Crow