Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine PB&J


Here is a more kid-friendly Valentine lunch.

I cut out the bread first, using a large heart shaped cookie cutter (that cookie cutter gets a lot of use this time of year). Then spread one slice of bread with peanut butter and red jelly (we used seedless raspberry). Next, I used the kitchen shears to cut a strawberry flavored twizzler candy into an arrow shape and laid the candy at an angle across the jelly.

These would be good as part of a Valentine Bento lunch.


*Jingles* said...

My Son would love this...if only it didn't have PB in it. Oh well, suppose I'll just have to make it and eat it!! You've got me thinking about baking now. I think I'm gonna bake some heart shaped cookies :)

Dawn said...

Cute shapes make everything taste better! ;) Thanks for the idea.

Jessica said...

That is a great idea- I love little, simple ways to celebrate holidays.

Crafty Crow