Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Garden and the End of School for the Summer

Last weekend was the first weekend for awhile that we spent at home, so the garden was getting very overgrown from neglect.
There were some things that needed harvesting, too, like our first tomato of the year:



I don't know what these are, but there were several of them on the brussels spouts plants.


The green bean tepee is doing o.k., but some creature is still eating all the bottom leaves on my bean plants.


So, here we go, leaving town for another weekend. Our garden will have to fend for itself, again.

Today is the last day of school! I'm doing my happy dance right now, while humming Alice Cooper's "School's Out". The crazy schedule I kept this year, with home schooling Blaze and working, was really exhausting. I don't get to rest quite yet, though. We are driving out to Kingsley to pick up DH this afternoon and then driving down to Orlando. Tomorrow we are going to Disney's Animal Kingdom, and then Saturday we have a wedding to go to. We're spending Saturday night in Orlando, as well, so we'll probably do something fun there before driving home. Monday Blaze has a neurology appointment, so I think I'm scheduling my nervous breakdown for Tuesday.

I love the Muppets!


Jeannette said...

That sounds like a hectic but fun weekend. ;)
Have fun and take care, Jeannette

Tammy said...

So glad school's out for you and you have another fun weekend to look forward to.

Tuesday will be interesting, lol. After so much going on it will be a shock to your system to finally slow down! :)

Crafty Crow