Thursday, June 4, 2009

Indoor Beach for our Summer Nature Table

In theory, I really liked the idea we had at the beginning of Spring to have a seasonal tabletop garden as part of Blaze's nature table, but in actuality that spring tabletop moss garden included moss invested by gnats. We had to transplant everything into the garden to get the gnats out of the house.

So, here we go again. For Summer we have planted a cactus garden in hopes that less moisture equals fewer bugs. We added sand and shells to make our xerophytes (plants that need very little moisture) look like they are living on a beach.

Blaze had fun picking out the little cacti. He didn't want prickly ones. He chose smooth or fuzzy plants, that I think he chose for their names as much as for how they looked.

Jade Plant

Hen and Chicks

Chocolate Soldiers






Lisa said...

Sooooo clever! I love the name of the Chocolate Soldiers. Such a pretty garden.

Lisa :)

Cris Siqueira said...

great job your son did!!
is perfect!!


Dawn said...

I really like the way Blaze's garden looks! I've brought gnats into the house too many times to count...those are annoying.

Tammy said...

Ooooh...I had hens and chicks once in the flowerbed of a past home. A whole patch of them. I was even lucky enough to get a couple of roosters to grow. They were few and far between, but quite the exciting accomplishment for me! :)

This looks like the perfect summer nature table.

Crafty Crow