Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Little Video Reading Review

Blaze is still having problems with his reading, partly because he has trouble processing all the sounds in the words. It's very connected to the problems he continues to have in speech, such as leaving off the first syllables from many words. A couple weeks ago his speech therapist and I started compiling a list of the words he does this to on a regular basis and the list is getting quite long. It includes words like computer, which is "puter" and pretend, which is "attend".

I have collected the following videos to use with him this week, as a review of phonics and sight words that he has worked with in the past, but has not fully retained.

Beginning Sight Words:

Movements to go with sight words:


RunninL8 said...

Phew! I have a lot of catching up to do! Took a lot of blog vacations this summer! Just wanted to check in and say HI!

SANDRA said...

Thank you for posting these videos! I can use them with my oldest son who is hvaing difficulty with reading also.

This is wonferful!

Crafty Crow