Thursday, August 27, 2009

They call this the "renovation"

This was the scene yesterday, directly in front of our apartment. If it's not bad enough that we have to listen to that all day and that it has now been a month since they started, yesterday around 2 p.m. they cut the Cox Cable by accident. So we have no T.V. or internet. I don't know what time they cut the phone line, but that happened, as well. They didn't bother notifying us that the phone line had been cut, so I didn't find out until after 5:00, when I was wondering why DH was so late calling for a ride home from school and I picked up the phone and found no dial tone. It was raining, but I went out and found one of the workmen and he told me what had happened.
There was a residents meeting last night and I bought up my concern that without notification that the phones are down, one of us could find out when there is an emergency and we are trying to call 911. They said that they would communicate better with us in the future.
Another person brought up the issue of our rent increase, at the same time that livability had gone down, but we were told that nothing could be done about that.
I am at the public library right now, so I can use the internet, because almost 24 later, we still have no cable.


Tammy said...

Oh, this is just getting worse by the day! I hope it's over SOON for you. And I going up while liveablility going down is not a good combination.

Dawn said...

That sounds awful! They should decrease your rent right now for all the inconveniences you're facing.

SANDRA said...

That is terrible, I hope that you get your phone and internet service back up soon.

Crafty Crow