Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Completed Costume

Now presenting, Blaze, the airship pirate!







We had a lot of fun with our little fashion photo-shoot.

Blaze has been talking about DH and I being part of his crew, so one of the things we gave DH for his birthday was a flight pin, just like the one I made for Blaze's costume. I also made one for myself, but in a different color, and I added mine to a crazy quilted choker, instead of making it into a pin.



Tammy said...

This is really, really cool. Now that the entire costume is made, what is Noah's favorite part of it?

Crescent Moon said...

Blaze says his favorite part is the gun. DH says, "ask an 8 year old boy what his favorite part is, of course it's the gun." shakes head in fake exasperated way, "Girls!"

Tammy said...

Oh geez, sorry, meant to say BLAZE, lol, not NOAH. I was reading a different blog right before this one with another boy your son's age. !

I think Kayla would probably pick the gun too. She was pretty impressed with the guns, bayonets, and cannons she saw this week. :)

Grace said...

How adorable! You have SUCH a beautiful family. :-)

Guusje said...

Cool, x Guusje

Anonymous said...

That is so many levels of cool! You are co creative and I have loved watching the development of this costume! Thank you for sharing!

Ula said...

Wow, I like the quilted choker, I've never seen anything like that.

Dawn said...

This is an amazing costume! Blaze looks very cool. :)

Sandra said...

That is such an awesome costume. Jasmine is going to be a pirate this year. The boy she goes trick-or-treating with is a pirate every year, and since she still doesn't have an opinion on costumes we figured that they could be pirates together.

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