Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Corner View: Water

As I have mentioned before, even thought we have visited St. Augustine many times, every time we go there we discover something new.


Just after sunset, on our last trip to St. Augustine, we discovered a fountain that we had never noticed before. It sits back from the street, where it can't be seen by passing cars, between the Visitor's Center and the Huguenot Cemetery.



The sign next to the fountain explains, "The set of masks that decorate this fountain was a gift to the city of St. Augustine by its sister city in Spain, the city of Aviles, birthplace of Pedro Menendez, founder of St. Augustine in 1565.


Oh, on the topic of water, I have some nice new baby alligator pictures taken at Lake Alice. We've realized that the best time for photographing the alligators is on game days. All the noise from the tailgate parties and cars before the football games, seem to bring the alligators out of hiding.



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Joyce said...

the water fall is a hoot. very cute. xoxo

Jodi said...

love the fountain. and those alligators look purple. what makes that?

Anonymous said...

Those alligators make some unusual cheerleaders:)!

Crescent Moon said...

The purple color must just be the lighting or the camera. They aren't really purple.

Elizabeth said...

I went to St. Augustine several times as a teenager with a good friend of mine and always loved it. Thanks for the corner view!

MODsquad said...

That fountain is awesome!

Alligators! Wow! Actually, I've heard of a place here in Colorado that has indigenous alligators. Ok, I may be making this up but I'm pretty sure I've heard this before...

Happy Day!

Cate said...

whoa! the baby alligators are so scary. my son will love seeing them. he wanted to listen to the alligator sounds on national geographic the other day. they totally had me, my husband, and my daughter freaking out.

great fountain, too. really fun find.

Crafty Crow