Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Bendy Dolls Go Camping

We have been driving around with the tent in the car for over a week now, but the weather won't cooperate with our desire to go camping. This weekend, we had everything packed and ready to go, except the food. I had just finished filling the cooler with ice, when the thunder began. Then, DH went out to the car and found out one of the tires had gone flat, so instead of going camping, DH took the car to Sears to get the tire fixed ( it had a nail in it), while it poured down rain.
I was upset for awhile about not getting to go camping, but then Blaze and I started working on a camping scene in miniature.

First, we set up our campfire. The fire pit is a circle of strong cardboard with small stones glued around the edge and 4 twigs glued together to form the base of our "fire".


The other twigs that form the rest of the "fire" are glued together, but they are not glued to the base layer. That way, they can be lifted up to place a flameless, plastic votive candle inside, so the fire will look like it's burning. Finally, red, yellow, and orange wool roving is glued on top, to look like flames.


I then sewed two little bendy doll sized sleeping bags (I've been told I need to make more) and matching pillows, out of wool felt.


Blaze, of course, had to start a pillow fight with the tiny pillows.


The last thing I made this weekend was a doll-sized backpack, also out of wool felt.




If this next picture is printed out as a full page photo, the patterns should be the correct size.


Since Blaze had been promised a chance to cook hotdogs for himself if we went camping, he got to cook hotdogs for all of us for dinner last night.



Lisa said...

What a cool campsite! Your campfire is really nice and toasty! And I can smell those hotdogs from here! So sorry camping didn't work out for you. Tomorrow will be better!

Crescent Moon said...

We have reservations for a real campsite two weeks from now, so rain or shine we'll be going then.

Tammy said...

I'm glad at least the bendy dolls got to go camping! Hopefully next week you all will be able to, also.

You are so creative; I just love what you made for the dolls out of felt. I'm going to print out the pattern and make some for Kayla.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

OMgoodness! That is absolutely wonderful! I will have to show my kids these pictures. :)


Dawn said...

Isn't Blaze lucky to have such a creative, fun Mama! That camping set is adorable.

jane said...


Crafty Crow