Sunday, July 26, 2009

Favorite Bento Instructional Videos

The Bento Lunch obsession continues...

I've been watching bento making videos on YouTube to get inspiration.

These are a favorite food for all the members of my family, but we have always purchased them frozen from one of the Asian markets. I think it's funny that this is a cooking show with a dog.

Another cute animal shaped bread product:

This is a video of a young woman making her first bento. I think the ending is cute!


Sandra said...

The lady in the second video is kind of creepy.

Kimbap, featured in the third video is Korean. Good stuff. And if you want to try and make it you can probably buy pre-toasted seaweed at an Asian store.

Sandra said...

Here is a how to, in case anyone wants to try making kimbap.

You really can put anything you like into the roll though.

Tammy said...

The piggy bread is so cute! I'm going to make it this school year with Kayla for a treat.

I showed Monty and Kayla your bento lunch post from a few days ago, and they are as impressed with your lunches as I am!!! :)

Crafty Crow