Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to Make a Pine Needle Chain

How to make a pine needle chain:

1. Find several fresh pine needles, the kind with three long needles attached together. If they are not fresh, they will be too brittle and will break when you try to bend them.


2. Pull two of the needles out of the needle sheath, leaving only one attached.


3. Bend the point of the needle down and slide it into the needle sheath as far as it will go.


You now have your first loop for the chain.

4. Repeat with more pine needles, being sure to stick the needle through the previous loop before making the new loop.


5. Continue until you have reached your desired length.


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jane said...

i´ve never made those. you just reminded me that when i was a kid we used to smoke pine needles... i have no idea why... oh yeah, pobably because we didn´t have computers or play stations... haha! besos- p.s. you are probably right, but i´m hanging out in the sauna anyway... then maybe i´ll go for a massage... haha!

Crafty Crow