Thursday, November 6, 2008

An emotional day for mundane reasons

How quickly we return to the little everyday victories and defeats.

Another one of our tadpoles died and I decided we really had to release the last one into the lake so that it would have a better chance at survival. Blaze cried and cried. He cried for the dead tadpole and he cried for how much he would miss the one we released. No matter what I said, he was inconsolable. That went on most of the morning and his eyes remained a little blood shot for the rest of the day.
I don't think he was feeling very well anyway. He had had a small seizure around 9:30 the night before, which had ended with the usual vomiting and then falling deeply asleep right away. I blame myself for this one. He wanted to sit on our bed with us and watch the election returns on t.v., but he wasn't as interested in watching them as non-stop as we were, so he asked if he could play his Gameboy with the sound off and I said that was fine. I think it was watching two flickering screens at once that triggered the seizure.


Later last night, while I was sewing, Blaze decided he wanted to sew too. He has an embroidery project that he has been working on for a full year. It's a picture of a sun that I drew on a piece of muslin last fall when we were learning about space. I kept it near my sewing stuff, so that every time he wanted to sew, he could just pick it up and work on it for awhile. Usually, he'd just do a few stitches and then put it down again, but last night he realized how close he was to getting it done and got very excited about sewing. After I put down my sewing, he still continued.He sat on his bed and sewed while I read the next two chapters of Little House on the Prairie, and he finished the project before I finished reading.

He was very proud of how much he was sewing, and when I got out the camera, he asked me to make a movie of him working.

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