Monday, November 17, 2008

Unplugged Challnge:Sort-Junk-Donate

This week's unplugged challenge was "sort-junk-donate". I thought that would be easy, since we were doing house cleaning anyway, in preparation for the student housing inspections that were going on Wednesday through Friday. I started by going through my closet and getting rid of some things I never wear. Then I took the bag and Blaze into his room and talked to him about how other children who don't have as much as he does could use the things he doesn't use anymore.
This turned out to be a bad week to try to sort through anything of Blaze's. He was just too emotionally fragile, so even asking him to add clothes to the charity bag that he hadn't been able to wear since he was 4 (he's 7 now), caused tears.
We gave away one trash bag full of clothes, mostly mine, but I don't have a picture of that, so instead here is a picture of the kitchen drawer I organized a while back:

This is the drawer where all the cookie cutters are kept.






Kate in NJ said...

Awesome! I wish I had a drawer just for my cookie cutters!
My daughter gets emotionally attached to some of
her clothes too. She has 2t stuff in her drawer that she wears around the house..and she is 6.Some things she will just not part with.
Just because, by the way, I have stuff from high school some 20+ years ago in my closet, does not mean she gets that from me.;-)

Sandra said...

Could you go through his clothes when he was sleeping, would he notice things missing? I take a arm full of Jasmine's clothes and hide them in my room, then I'll go through them while she is sleeping and put the things we are keeping back. But, she is 2 and doesn't notice.

Crescent Moon said...

That's probably what I'll have to do to get rid of some of the toys he doesn't play with any more.

Crafty Crow