Monday, November 17, 2008

Little House on the Prairie Swap/ how to make wooden doll bodies

I have finished the bendy dolls I have been working on for a Little House on the Prairie themed bendy doll swap with a group of other mamas. Each of us had one character to make and mine was Charles Ingals (Pa).


I've never made this many dolls that looked the same before. DH calls them my Amish Clone Army.


The line-up: all the usual suspects.

How the wooden doll bodies are made

1. The pattern for each body is traced onto a 1''x 2'' piece of wood.


2.The arm and leg holes are drilled through the side of the wood (I find that it's easier and safer to do the drilling before the body is cut out). The arm holes are a little bigger than the leg holes.


3. Cut out each body.


4. Drill neck hole in the top of each body.

5. Sand until smooth.


Pattern for body, clothes, and a mermaid tail


If it is printed out as a full page the patterns should be the right size for a 6 inch tall bendy doll.


Sandra said...

I'll have to remember this for later, Jasmine only just discovered stuffed animals.

Jeni said...

Wow, the ones I made for the swap are just the pipe cleaners--no wood. I used the felt wee folk book...Those look great, btw!!

Crafty Crow