Monday, November 3, 2008


In honor of the U.S. presidential election tomorrow, the unplugged challenge for this week was "Flag".
We made a foot and hand print American flag and turned it into a banner to remind people to vote.


The therapeutic brushing we've been doing must really be working because the child who doesn't usually like squishy things repeatedly stepped into the pan of red poster paint and let it squish between his toes.


After we finished the foot print stripes, I just painted the big blue square in the corner. It then was left to dry.

It took us two days to get back to it, but this morning we added the hand print stars.



Then, in blue paint Blaze painted the word "Vote" across the paper in big letters.





Gottfredsen said...

What a great flag. I love that you used the hands and feet. Great Job.

Yelli said...

What an awesome project WITH a purpose!

Bobbie said...

awesome flag... very personalised!!

NaturesWayLearning said...

I love big messy art like this. What fun!

ScottChrisCoriCassiCali said...

That is an awesome way to get involved. Its wonderful to pass on the opportunity to encourage others.

Crafty Crow