Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Archeologist Gardens


The garden was getting pretty weedy again and it was time start some new plants. Then, a couple days ago, DH had a brain storm, that the screens they use to sift through dirt on archeological digs would work well for removing weeds from the garden. It really was a brilliant idea!
He borrowed a screen from the archeology lab and it worked beautifully. It also meant that Blaze was suddenly interested in weeding.



So, here is our first instructional video ( I had to open a You Tube account just for this, because even though it's only two minutes long, Photobucket said the file was too large to upload). DH decided to call this archeo-gardening:

Blaze and I also came up with a new way for him to help carry mulch to the garden, although it would have been better if the box had wheels.



Tammy said...

Hee hee hee...love the mulch transporter!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

That was a great little video. Very inventive. I think it would work nearly everywhere in the USA but here... where our soil is mud 3/4 of the year. ;) I forwarded it to my Ma in CA... she will love that idea for her garden.

Love the little one getting involved too. :)


Crafty Crow