Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Easter is coming up, so I've been thinking about egg related projects and remembered this one that we did last year.

This experiment for our unit about the human body shows how fluid around the brain helps protect it from injury.

This is a brain with no fluid around it:


This is a brain with fluid (in this case vegetable oil):


It's a pretty dramatic demonstration


I also saw another human body experiment that used an egg, that I want to try. One of the parents at the school where I work had soaked half of a raw egg, still in the shell, in floride tooth paste for 4 days. Then she placed the egg in a cup of vinegar for a day. The part treated with the tooth paste stayed hard, while the shell that had not been treated became soft.


Tammy said...

Both very good experiments. That is amazing about the floride. I guess I never really realized (or thought about) what floride in toothpaste was even for!

Angela said...

nice! my girls will love this!

Crafty Crow