Thursday, March 12, 2009

What is everybody else up to?

Mostly this blog has been about what Blaze and I have been doing, but we are not the only ones in the family who have been creative lately, so today I want to show you all what DH and Ula have been busy with.

DH had Spring Break from school this week, but we weren't able to take advantage of that as a family, because the school where I work doesn't have Spring Break until April. Instead he spent part of his break working on a T-shirt design for the 38th Annual Charles H. Fairbanks Armadillo Roast, which is something the Anthropology department at the University does each year (they don't actually roast armadillo any more, but they used to when this thing started).


The statue head that the archeologist armadillos are uncovering is that of Charles H. Fairbanks (the founder of the feast).


My oldest daughter, Ula, has spent the last few months working on a creative writing blog that she started to work on her short story writing skills.

I am very impressed with her self motivation and commitment to this project. She is taking an overly full load of college classes right now, in order to become a Middle School teacher, but she has still managed to post a page of creative writing most days. Some of the stories need a little editing, but that is not the point of the project. The point is to keep the creative juices flowing and to get used to other people reading her work. It's also to get used to writing shorter prose. She tends to write novels when she writes fiction.
The writing practice has paid off and an edited version of one of the stories from her blog, will be in her University's Literary Magazine this year.

Right now, Ula's school is under a blanket of snow. She called me Tuesday night to say that they were having a blizzard so bad that she couldn't see out her dorm window. I asked for a picture, but her camera isn't working right, so I found this much calmer snow scene from the University she attends, on-line.



Joy said...

That little drawing your dh did is cute! Kudos to your daughter for keeping up with all that writing. She sounds like quite the creative girl.

Ula said...

The term I used the other day was epistolary.

Crescent Moon said...

If you are reading these comments and wondering what Ula was talking about, she taught me a new word on Tuesday, which I then promptly forgot, so I asked her to tell me again. The word "epistolary" means a story formed solely out of documents, such as personal letters, newspaper clippings, or diary entries.

I have always learned right along with my children.

Tammy said...

I love the picture your husband drew.

And both of my daughters have been thinking of starting their own blogs to help them keep track of some of their writing. Such a great idea, and glad your daughter has found time to write with all of her busyness.

Crafty Crow