Tuesday, March 10, 2009



Since we are only a week away from St. Patrick's Day, Blaze is going to be learning about rainbows this week for science.
We started this unit by watching The Magic School Bus Makes a Rainbow, on You Tube.

Here is a poem to help children remember the color order in a rainbow:

"Roy G. Biv"

Roy G. Biv is an

Odd name for a fellow.

But what his name means is:

Red, Orange, Yellow

The G is for Green

Which as you may know

Comes right in the middle

Of every rainbow.

Next: Blue and Indigo

More pale than dark

Then V for violet--

And that completes the arc!

This theme even fit in perfectly with our math, because the third story for the Math Gnomes included a clever place value rainbow. Here is the one that Blaze made:


Edible Rainbow

This colorful desert looks simple when it's finished, but it actually took quite a bit of advanced planning, which started about three weeks ago when I had to explain to DH why I was getting a couple packages of Jello every time I went to the grocery store ( I don't buy Jello very often and DH only likes the red flavors). Then each layer of the rainbow had to set-up in the refrigerator before the next layer could be added, so the assembly took three days.

The Jello flavors of the Rainbow:


Indigo=Grape and Berry Blue mixed together

Blue=Berry Blue





A little whipped cream makes a nice cloud on top.



Dawn said...

So many great ideas here! That rainbow jello looks so pretty.

ScottChrisCoriCassiCali said...

Oh My, my girls would love that jello dessert. I have to show that to them. I wonder if I've got the patience for it. :)

ALEXANDRA K. said...

I enjoyed the jello rainbow. We have to make one. Thank you for the ideas. My boys (ages 3 and 9) and I did as our science experiment "Making a Magic milk rainbow" You can read about it at our blog.

Crescent Moon said...

This turned out to be a lot of Jello. Blaze tried to eat that whole mug-full on his own, but it was really too much for one desert, so about half of it went back in the refrigerator for the next day.

Anonymous said...

I love the rainbow jello idea! It is something Jasmine can actually eat, unfortunately the whip cream will have to be left out for here.

Just got back from visiting my dad so I'm catching up with all the wonderful things you and Blaze have been doing.

Crafty Crow