Friday, March 13, 2009

Milk Punch

Here is a festive green St. Patrick's Day drink, for those of us who will not be drinking the green beer.


1 pint of lime sherbet

4 Cups of Milk

4 Cups of ginger ale

a few drops of green food coloring (optional)

Place the sherbet in a pitcher or punch bowl and let it sit at room temperature for about 15 minutes or until it starts to soften. Break up the sherbet with a spoon and add the milk. Stir well. Add the ginger ale and stir. If you would like a brighter color, add a few drops of food coloring.

Other flavors of sherbet can be used for other holidays, such as raspberry would have been nice for Valentine's Day


Val in the Rose Garden said...

YUM! I am having a bunch of people over on Sunday for dinner and I may just have to make up some of these... they look yummy!


MoziEsmé said...

Great idea! I've been looking for a green one...

Crafty Crow