Monday, March 30, 2009

More Johnny Appleseed

We are continuing to learn about Johnny Appleseed this week by reading the book Johnny Appleseed, by Reeve Lindbergh.


It turns out there is also a video interpretation of the book:

We are also reading How to make an Apple Pie and See the World (thanks Tammy for the book recommendation!). This book is about someone who wants to make an apple pie, but when she goes to buy the ingredients, she finds that the market is closed, so she sets off on a trip around the world to find all the supplies she needs.


To go along with these two books, Blaze did apple print designs on a canvas bag that we can take with to the grocery store, so we don't use so many disposable bags.

We cut two apples in half, one vertically and one horizontally, because a vertically cut apple makes a print that looks like an apple, while a horizontally cut apple makes a circular print with a star in the middle. We used half of each apple for the prints and ate the other half.



After the apple prints had all been made with red acrylic paint, Blaze used green paint and a thin paint brush to add stems on the prints that looked like apples.




Jaks said...

looks fab....would be a great library bag too!

So Smrt said...

Ooh, those are beautiful! We tried orange prints once, but they were not dried out enough. Just looked like blotchy circles. :)

Yelli said...

What a cool theme. I love the bag you made. I had no idea that it was so easy.

For an adult book suggestion following the same them: Micheal Pollan's "Botany of Desire"

Infant Bibliophile said...

Very nice! How long before Blaze opens up his own Etsy shop? :)

Tammy said... to think ahead and save half of the apples for munching on.

Glad you enjoyed the book. :)

Crafty Crow